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Share an exciting day with your friends and enjoy a go kart experience during your visit in Langkawi. The special  track is created to help the young generation get interested and passionate about professional kart racing. The vehicle features the 3-angle pedal position system making it easy to navigate. Their track, on the other hand, is packed with 21 exciting turns that will challenge your wit and physicality while driving. It is designed to comply with international safety standards giving you a fun and secure experience.

Team & Condition

1. Individual heats are the Basic Race formats that currently have at the circuit.

2. There are 10mins sessions given to the driver where they will start driving from the PIT LANE.

3. These are time based sessions and the objective of this race format is to get the best time on the score board to claim the win.

4. All the drivers will get a safety briefing before given the green light to go. All the drivers will be assigned to their respective go karts prior to go out racing. 

5. Participants are required to wear sport shoes to be able to join the activity.

6. Minimum age requirement: 18+

7. All drivers must be between 145cm to 185cm in height.

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